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The river loops in swirls, on a dark starless night 
Downpour sparks fright with thundering lightning bolts
A tender frame rose, in the waterway’s heart
This work of art all but falls apart
As she tries to depart from the water. 

Splendors of dawn draws on her bare body
Bosoms like white swans playing on the waves
Wearing only weariness she slumbers and rêves
On the banks the virgin sleeps saved

She emits an alluring aroma
Her fragrance signifies new phenomena 
Perfume of virginity attracts virile villagers
One wraps her with cloth covers
The other picks her over his shoulders
The flames of their desire smolders

Chaos ensues,
calamity shadows,
disorder follows
“She caused it”, they said, take her to the gallows
To silently settle the utterly unbearable unrest
The king banished her to the forbidden forest

There situates a holy pond
Lived a holy hermit in a bond
With twelve holy women
Making thirteen holy hymens …

“The hymen is king”, said a sister 
“It’s a thing of value”, said another later
“You are a women of value
Aren’t you ?”
The twelve asked
“Yes… I am valued”,
She accepted the task
“I have value,
It will wear my death mask.”

Then came a dark misty day
In the murky moldy middle of May
Bloody borders broke blundering blood away
Childhood is terminal, for the vivacious virginal.
Her womanly woe wide awake, irreversible. 

A longing lunged her into a deep desperate desire
A rosy ripe mango hanging higher
So up went she, to the hovering harvest.
Stepping on a branch, scraping on a bark,
On her knee the tall tree leaves a mark
Further into her need she sunk
Further she climbed up the trunk

Unbeknownst to her a snowy snake slither
Beneath the bleeding blossom hither
Drip drop … drip drop … ruby spots
Dots of red appear on the white serpent’s head
A stinking smell permeates the air like the dead
Drip drop … drip drop.

“Hark! Little lady, looming so high
Crimson liquor is running down your thigh.”
The reptile reverted into a full-grown man
“I am a wizard, and now you’ve ruined my plan”

THUD! Fell she fast from the tall tree
“I don’t understand, I didn’t see!
Would you kindly pardon me?”
The maiden said out of fright.
The snake walked into the light
Transformed into a wizard and stated his plight.

“The blood you spilled on me weakened my powers
Now I can’t leave this place I’ve tread in for hours.
I’m not strong enough”, said he
“Your filthy fleshy blood has weakened me” 

He gazed at the girl
His eyes caress her body all in swrls
Her fragrance cut through the slimy stink
The wise wizard recalls with a blink
“You are the enchantress who caused entropy
I demand you pay with your virginity”

“Dear sir, please, I will give you
Anything but that. It is my only value”

“In that case you pay with your life”
From thin air he produced a cutting knife 

Fear consumed her body and soul
She agreed to let him swallow her whole
Lust after lust after lust after lust
They dance the erotic symphony unrehersed

The world around them bursts
She quenched his carnal thirst

The incident was never mentioned
Lost in their memories to avoid attention
For what they did was a serious crime
Little lady virgin became grime
Her worth plummeted to less than a dime

The virgin bathing ceremony took place
Her frame adorned with beauty and grace
The whole village attended
along with the 12 ladies and the holy hermit

She slowly submerged in the pond head to toe
In come the flowers the attendees throw
The secret she held in her placenta  
Turns the crystal clear water to a murky magenta
Red rage ran over every face
Anger ran through veins in fast pace

Pungent purity
Tainted holiness
She was in a deep ethical mess

She got out of the water
The crowd aims to slaughter
They captured the struggling sister
Slayed her and sliced off her finger
Her fragrant flower was also picked
From her corpse they put it on a stick

The organ was sacrificed to the holy pond
To make amends to the gods in the great beyond
With her dying breath
she prays to Indra before her death

“O righteous Indra, I failed in this life
Why does loss of virtue bring such strife?
Allow me a reincarnation into holy power

As a red lotus flour…

(4)About me ︎ Kamonlak is an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand who creates art in a photographic medium.