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Long ago in a faraway village there was one fair lady, who believed was born from sacred river, floated along near the shore. The villagers rescued her. Once she set foot on shore, her scent lured all men in fighting for possessing her purity. The chaos traveled far, in order to stop the conflict the king exiled her to live with the hermit and twelve ascetic women near the sacred pond in the wood.

One day the fair lady got her first period.She could not stop herself from the desire for the fruits in the forest. While the sacred ritual was held, she sneaked out to search for the holy tree, climbing up high to joyfully taste the holy fruits. Her period accidentally dropped on the man passing by. This man happened to be the powerful sorcery. But that one drop vanished all his power. Without the power he could not leave the sacred forest.

Once he realised it was the fair lady from the sacred river, he asked for her purity in return for what he’d lost. They at last secretly had a forbidden affair. Their secret was sealed until one day. In the grand ceremony, king’s ritual bath, king and all the villagers were gathering in the wood. The hermit and twelve ascetic women began the ritual by scattering all the gorgeous flowers into the pond. All eyes now were set at the young lady who was required to bathe in the sacred pond.

Once her foot was set in, the water suddenly turned red. Everyone was outraged as the holy pond now was sullied and impure.They condemned her, cut her breast, ripped out her privates as a sacrifice asking for forgiveness.Before last breath, the fair lady urged her last wish to the great god of mountain. As her next life, she only wished for being one flower, serving the holiness in the world RED LOTUS.



(4)About me ︎ Kamonlak is an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand who creates art in a photographic medium.