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︎︎︎Here is explore relation between sex and believe that go along together in parallel world of this culture and effect that contributes to one of my present creative including other series. .... I, myself is a harvest from a part of conservative family of my father relative as well as social culture of upcountry where I born. I grew up becoming to assembly created by the discourse of reserve myself of a good woman along thai tradition way, especially sexuality topics. This is my ongoing project. To Finding the meaning of sexuality from an old believe in Southeast Asia and attempt to experiment with photography. “Love of sky and ground” story is erotic scene of a man and woman in name sky and land. Sky is a man. Ground is a woman. These are a gender representation of Southeast Asian’s believe that before the coming of Indian Civilization.


(4)About me ︎ Kamonlak is an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand who creates art in a photographic medium.