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Intergrams Archive
Kamonlak Sukchai is a Thai photographer who is known for her collage works.
Kamonlak's works frequently explore Southeast Asian folklores and their influences on history, national identity, religious belief and sexual mythology. Since her early works, she likes to experiment with the collage technique to find new possibilities especially on how it can encourage the audience to go back and reinterpret old beliefs from a new perspective.
·     SIPF Open Call Showcase 2020 - Singapore International Photography Festival 2020 (Singapore, 2020)

·     Exhibition Foam Talent 2020 by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam at KühlhausBerlin, 2020 (Amsterdam, 2020)

·     RED LOTUS Exhibition - Solo Exhibition At Katmandu Photo Gallery (Bangkok, 2020)

·     Broken English Society present “Broken Threshold”- Group Exhibition (Bangkok, 2019)

·     RED LOTUS - Selected work showing in Wonder Foto Festival CURATED by Sirima Chaipreechawit – Exhibition Pop up (Taipei, 2019)

·     Broken English Society present lord of friendzone vol.ll - Group Exhibition (Bangkok, 2018)

·     In-Transit - Group Exhibition (Bangkok, 2018)

·     Synchronize Art Exhibition – Group Exhibition (Bangkok, 2017)

(4)About me ︎ Kamonlak is an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand who creates art in a photographic medium.